What is QHEH

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing, is the result of years of researching and working with energy.  It is a talking therapy and takes you on a journey of self-discovery. A specialised healing method which clears deeply held emotional issues and unhelpful beliefs from the cellular memory of the body.  

As a Master Spiritual Life & Wellbeing Coach and Energy Healer I work with women who sometimes find it difficult to get to the root of what is stopping them from feeling happy and content in life. 
They often feel:

  • Stuck
  • Are struggling with anxiety and
  • low mood
  • Lacking in confidence
  • Feel trapped in their current situations
  • Lonely and isolated

That is why I love QHEH so much because it can bypass the conscious mind and get to the heart of the problem.  The 90 minute sessions I provide couple QHEH with my skills as a fully accredited Master Spiritual Life & Wellbeing Coach and Energy Healer.   Throughout the session I support my clients with compassion, empathy and understanding.

Continue reading to find out more about this phenomenal healing modality and what my clients say about working with me.

What happens during a session?

During a Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ session you do not relive the painful memories, they are merely removed and replaced with positive ways of being. You feel surrounded by the energy of peace and safety during the session and so can easily allow the clearing to happen. You may feel a physical release as if a great weight has been lifted from you and a sense of peace and lightness as the cellular memory is released. You will also feel more energetic and have increased confidence thereby feeling able to tackle more tasks and feel able to live life in a fuller way. You may also have clearer insights and know what you should do next to make any necessary changes in your life. How many sessions are needed? That depends on the level of healing required, some people only need one session while others may need more, I will advise you on that.

What my QHEH Clients Say

It was one of the most powerful healing sessions I have ever experienced, the shifts that came and moved through my very being were incredible.

I am beyond grateful for the space you held for me, your kindness, warmth and compassion that you showed during the first part of the healing, when my body just gave in and the tears came. I could feel the warmth of the healing, it was just beautiful to receive this light. 

I trusted the process, I trusted you and I trusted that the healing you were channelling was absolutely what my body and soul needed. As the session went all, it all started to make sense and come together the blocks and what I was holding in these parts of me.

I loved how the card reading was spot on to all my 5 pillars and how you felt into my energy and just intuitively knew what my soul needed to hear.

I am so looking forward to the next session with you and to experience this incredible healing all over again.


I would just like to say a massive thank you Paula for the QHEH you did on me. I feel so much more positive and respectful of myself and my personal feelings.

As we worked through the healing I experienced so many different feelings from sadness, anger, being restricted to love, forgiveness and freedom, I closed so many chapters and echoes from my past, these were replaced with a new respect and love for myself and forgiveness and acceptance for the things that had happened in my past and lessons I had learnt from them, things that I couldn’t change.

I know that I am worth so much more than I thought and that I can do anything that my heart desires with work and commitment. As we worked through each section of the healing and removing the echos I could feel lots of releases of old stagnant thoughts and feelings I had allowed to hold me back, things that had festered over many years stopping me being who I want and need to be.


I am thankful to have found Paula, having struggled with burn out and feeling stuck over the last few years, she was and is my perfect coach. My three sessions of Quantum Holographic Echo Healing helped me find a level of clarity I’d lost for a while, I have suffered with insomnia for years which seems to go along with Fibromyalgia, I am now in a much better routine and sleep better. What a sensitive, calm, understanding and connected spiritual soul. Totally committed to helping women find their best selves.


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