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Hi and welcome, my name is Paula and I am a Master Spiritual Life Coach and Wellbeing Practitioner working with clients here in the UK and internationally.

My own spiritual journey began over 20 years ago when I hit a rock bottom in my emotional life and sought a spiritual solution to my problems. Since then, I’ve overcome many other challenges, with my spiritual beliefs and practices sustaining me through them all.

However, it wasn’t until 8 years ago when I burnt out and became too ill to work anymore that I began to look deeply at the different parts of my personality and how they no longer served me.   This experience, although devastating, was also the catalyst for huge change in me and receiving coaching was one of the main tools that enabled me to do this. 

Evolving Soul Coaching was born out of these experiences and my passion in the belief that each and every one of us deserves and is capable of having love, joy, good health and success in our lives. 

Who do I help?

I help women who are experiencing anxiety, stress and low mood. Women who feel lost, stuck or trapped in their lives. I help them through my own expertise and experience.

Areas I Specialise In

The areas I specialise in reflect my own life experiences.

They are all part of my journey and I am here to help you walk that journey too.  Lots of different people came into my life as I went through these experiences offering guidance, wisdom and support.  Let me be one of those people for you.   I truly believe every human being has the capacity to evolve and change and that the human spirit has no bounds.  

Learning to love yourself for who you really are.

Reaching your true potential.

Forming deeper connections in relationships.

Discovering your values.

Discovering  your strengths and talents.

Connecting to your higher self and developing your spirituality.

Integrating the different parts of your personality.

Achieving a work/life balance.

Invest In You & Your Wellbeing

If you are a woman who finds it difficult to carve out time to spend on your own self-care this beautiful programme is for you:

The Wonder of Wellbeing a 21 Day Self Study Programme

Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching helps a person find and connect with the essence of who they really are.  This involves identifying areas in life that may be holding them back from reaching their true potential and following their dreams.  It is a transformational process that can be challenging and even painful at times but is well worth the work involved.  Spiritual Life Coaching can help anyone regardless of their belief system.  All that is required is willingness and an open mind.

My Qualifications:

  • Master Diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching and Energy Psychology
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach with the IAPC&M
  • Accredited Quantum Holographic Echo Healing Practitioner.

  • B.Ed Hons
  • Accredited Intermediate EFT Practitioner
  • Personal Centred Counselling Level 1 & 2
  • Leading From the Middle Coaching Programme
  • Reiki Master and Teacher

My Services

If you are a woman who is feeling stressed, experiencing anxiety and low mood and you are interested in working with me, please get in touch to schedule a 45 minute initial coaching exploration call. This gives you an opportunity to get to know me and how I work.  If after our call, you feel that you want to work with me, we can discuss a schedule to meet your needs and vision for the future.  

Each session/package is tailored to the clients individual needs using an eclectic approach to ensure the best results.  These include traditional coaching methods as well as EFT, NLP, meditation, regression and visualisation. 

Details of packages are below


As a Spiritual Life Coach and Wellbeing Practitioner I see many women struggling with low self-esteem, stress, anxiety and low mood.  This results in them feeling lost, stuck and even trapped in their current situation.  In addition to this, these women often feel disconnected, indecisive and lacking in confidence and motivation.

The following three packages are tailored to help with this.  These packages allow you to explore, on a deep level, the issues that you are facing whilst being supported by myself with compassion, empathy and understanding of what you are going through.  All sessions are online.

Ultimate Transformation

12 1-1 sessions

  • A bespoke meditation recorded to some beautiful guitar music.

  • A visualisation, recorded to some beautiful guitar music

  • Email support between sessions.

  • Next steps email after each session.

  • Four phone calls for additional support if needed.

  • Exercises to complete before sessions.

  • An affirmation workbook

  • A Gratitude Manifestation workbook.

Book your 45 minute exploration call


Slide I recently attended a confidence building course via zoom with Paula Madden. At the beginning of the course, I had an awful lot of difficult things going on in my personal life which I found totally overwhelming and caused me great distress and upset. Both past and present. Paula was very professional and put me at ease from the beginning, she had a gentle and understanding nature and helped me deal with my feelings and to find a different way of looking at things myself and how I saw each situation, also how to calm myself when things relapsed as they do. I found Paula to be extremely professional, compassionate and understanding, I felt totally comfortable discussing my personal circumstances with her. I have continued to use the thing I learnt on a regular basis. Thank you, Paula, for the new me - CW UK Slide Paula has a very caring energy and is easy to talk to. She was able to help me uncover issues that have been affecting me, and with her guidance, work on positive solutions. The whole experience with Paula was very uplifting and empowering. Thoroughly recommend Paula to help you change your life for the better. - DL UK Slide Paula is naturally empathetic, and her presence is healing in itself. Paula helped me overcome limiting beliefs and helped me heal parts of my inner child. She is genuine, down to earth and caring. I felt completely safe with Paula, she is understanding and non-judgemental. She also gave me some invaluable tips, tools and information which will help me in my life moving forwards. I have grown so much already and have felt a real shift in my perspective from working with Paula. I would wholeheartedly recommend her. Thank you, Paula! - LJ UK Slide I have absolutely loved working with Paula. She has really helped me become aware of some blocks that have been holding me back and given me the methods and motivation I need to overcome them. I am so grateful I found her!  - CM UK Slide Paula has a beautiful energy and made me feel at ease from the start. The session was gentle, fluid, and explorative in perfect balance, leading me to a self-discovery moment at the end which I am grateful for. If anyone is thinking about coaching, I could not recommend Paula enough, her warmth and wisdom creates a wonderful and safe environment for you to explore, discover, and grow in. Thank you Paula. - KM UK Slide I have recently accessed two coaching sessions with Paula, and I came away on both occasions with a better understanding of the situations I was dealing with. 

I was gently guided to explore each situation and the outcomes I wanted.
I felt empowered, supported and I was given the time and space to reflect without judgement.

Paula's supportive, calm and practical approach guided me well.

I now feel able to approach these situations from a more balanced place

Thank you Paula 
Slide I have been so grateful that I had an opportunity to be coached by Paula. All my sessions with Paula have been a wonderfully deep experience. Paula has such a warm and safe energy that allowed me to actually be me. For me trying to be absolutely vulnerable when speaking about my life has not been easy, but with Paula’s gentle guidance I was able to finally feel safe enough and speak my truth. Paula really held a sacred space for me which allowed me to have ‘ah-ha’ moments, and I was able to make the connections of what was actually holding me back in life. I loved the meditations that Paula walked me through, and I use them almost every day. I am so grateful that after such a long time I can say I have finally felt a shift within me. I have been on a spiritual journey for a few years now and Paula has taught me more techniques I can implement into my practices. I am so grateful that I met Paula and had a chance to be coached by her, I will always hold this experience near and dear to myself and I would recommend Paula to anyone who is ready to do the work and finally experience shifts within themselves. - DK Canada Slide It was great to have someone listen to me from a non-judgmental but yet encouraging perspective. You are a very intuitive listener and I felt that you were really there supporting me with your words on my journey. You also have a way of creating a very safe and harmonious space in which I felt I could tell you anything and be very open and honest with you. - RR UK Slide I started working with Paula coaching me recently. I was suffering from trauma related anxiety and had been feeling really down. 
Paula gently brought me back to myself, it has been a pleasure to work with her and her expertise in EFT. I have felt much brighter and more like my old self than I had for a long while. 
I have found EFT to be effective for me and I have no problem recommending Paula as a coach. She is professional and calming. An amazing experience.  -JS UK Slide I had an amazing session with Paula. She listened intuitively and guided me throughout the session without judgement, and enabled me to view my issue from another perspective. I felt very safe and supported, and found her approach to be very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Paula as a coach. - CA UK Slide My coaching sessions with Paula have been transformational. During the sessions I had I became in tune with my inner child and learnt that my experiences when I was a very young child have had a big impact on my adult life. Just knowing where my anxiety has come from has helped me get out of the chatter in my head and back into the present moment. I can honestly say that I feel a lot happier and have a sense of well-being and joy in my life. - Caroline, UK Slide Paula is down to earth, authentic, and open-hearted. She is a deeply caring and skillful coach. She has been on a tremendous journey herself and brings all she has learned along the way to help those she works with. - MT, USA

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